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Committed to the creation,maintenance,and restoration of the equine athlete

Committed to the creation,maintenance,and restoration of the equine athlete

Committed to the creation,maintenance,and restoration of the equine athleteCommitted to the creation,maintenance,and restoration of the equine athleteCommitted to the creation,maintenance,and restoration of the equine athlete

About Us

Modern Medicine, Ageless Service

Since 1994, the practice philosophy has been to take care of horses and the people that own them. The barn has 8 stalls ranging from 14'x16' to 12' x 24' in order to accommodate mares with foals and has proven to be far superior to the traditional 12' x 12' stalls, found  in most barns, for all cases. An easy loading area adjacent to the mare/ foal stocks allows for safe and efficient handling of horses when you want or need to bring them to the office. Nonetheless, farm calls or "house calls" are available for most services and when transport is either ill advised or unavailable. Scheduling is done with respect to YOUR time and the time necessary to complete the care needed for your patient or patients.

The Value of Experience

A horse is a horse is a horse, of course! OR IS IT? Over the past 25 years, the Aubrey Equine Clinic has had the privilege of caring for a diverse population of horses. World champion cutting and reining horses, some of the most legendary show horses in the AQHA, all disciplines of Arabian show horses, thoroughbred, quarter horse, and Arabian race horses, endurance horses, Paso finos and Peruvian Pasos,

polo ponies, hunters, jumpers, dressage and event horses, and of course rodeo horses, trail riding horses and very valuable companion horses. Each breed and discipline has its uniqueness and our approach to each case is very dependent on the objective information related to the breed and discipline of the individual horse.

The Veterinarian


Dr Bruce Lyle graduated from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991. While in school, he was recognized with many awards including the College's Award of Excellence and also served as the chairman for the National Student AVMA Convention hosted at Texas A & M in 1990. After working for 3 years in mixed animal practice, he established the Aubrey Equine Clinic with the idea that most any problem can be solved if it can be well enough identified and defined. The approach of identifying, defining and solving problems has allowed opportunities ranging from speaking at national meetings such as The Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium and The International Symposium on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot, to contributing to the textbook Equine Podiatry to owning winning cutting horses, race horses, hunters, and Western show horses. He is the proud father of a daughter who was an accomplished Southdown sheep exhibitor, state basketball champion and all state selection, a University of North Texas graduate and now a contributing member to the US economy. 

Podiatry and Lameness

For the past 20 plus years, we have provided primary and tertiary care for disorders of the foot and lower leg. Utilizing X-rays, ultrasound, venograms, thermography, and the Matscan pressure mapping system, PLANS are able to be put in place using orthotics, shockwave therapy, medicines and surgeries to create solutions for laminitis, founder (the "sinkers"), club feet, tendinopathies, problems with the coffin bone, coffin joint and navicular apparatus, wounds, club feet, flat feet, white line disease, severe infections, dislocations and other problems requiring sound fundamentals and innovation.

Pre purchase and pre sale evaluations are available.

Services Offered

Primary Care Services

An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure! Actually, it's worth a lot more. It has always been the practice philosophy that preventative care should NOT be cost prohibitive. We provide services and strategies for mares and babies as well as high exposure show horses and everything in between.

Vaccinations         Deworming        Coggins 

Health Certificates  Other regulatory Testing

Dentistry     Nutritional Consultation

Reproductive Services

Over 20 years ago we were managing some of the busiest stallions in the quarter horse industry, some of the best mares in the thoroughbred business in Texas and doing over 400 embryo flushes each year. While the location of major breeding operations has changed, the experience gained from those times still translates to success in the breeding shed today.

-Stallion Collection and Semen Evaluation

-Mare management for AI, Live Cover, or frozen semen breeding, embryo transfer

-Cooled semen shipping and breeding

-Post foaling mare and foal care

Internal Medicine

Sick horses are no fun! Colic or other gastrointestinal disorders, coughs, fevers, inappetance, behavioral abnormalities, eye problems, skin problems, abnormal discharges, abnormal swellings...all of these constitute internal medicine. The goal is to achieve a working diagnosis and institute treatment in as rapid and cost efficient manner as possible. Endoscopy, ultrasound, laboratory service and other resources allow for a PLAN to be formulated expediently.

Trauma Care

The list of successfully resolved trauma cases include eyelid lacerations, eyeball lacerations, fractured jaws, lip and nose lacerations, severed tendons, penetrating chest wounds, fractures of lower leg bones, joint laceration and infections, facial sinus well as repair of chronic, non-healing wounds. Trauma happens, expedient intervention can produce optimal return to form and function. Dr Lyle has consulted on wound care and wound care products for several companies and continues to do so presently.


The North Texas and southern Oklahoma regions are well populated with clinics equipped to do extended anesthesia surgeries such as "colic" surgeries, arthroscopies, and throats. While colic surgery and arthroscopic training were parts of an earlier career phase, I believe in referring these to other colleagues when deemed necessary. With the exception of castrations and cryptorchid castrations, the vast majority of surgery can be done standing - tenotomies, wound repair, bone curettage, sinusotomies and more can be done with the horse sedated and standing in most cases.


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